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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Bold, New Era for Utilidork

An adventure that we’ll take, and make, together

It’s about time I came clean. 2018 was not a good year for Utilidork. 2019 has not been kind either. I had lofty goals and high expectations, but life got in the way, as usual. My second trip to Disney World with my family was amazing, and I had a lot of opinions I wanted to share about it, but I just never found the time to write them. As the year progressed, I found myself with less and less free time.

I also planned on turning this site into more than just a blog. As the banner suggests, I had (and still have) plans for a podcast, a YouTube vlog, custom made mixes of theme park audio, and a showcase of some of my photography, including pictures I’ve taken with my Fuji 3D camera. I intended to have something new for the site every week. Podcasts and vlogs would be released monthly, as well as blog articles, and some form of exclusive media. So far, the only progress I have made in this venture has been a handful of published thought-pieces, and some truly great interaction on Twitter, with increased exposure to the website via Facebook and Tumblr.

But it’s halfway through 2019. If I’m going to do anything, it has to be soon. I’ve thought about it for months, and the conclusion that I have come to is, I need help. Although I have edited podcasts before, I have never edited video. I don’t know how to make a vlog. I also don’t like the idea of podcasting alone. What good is having a conversation when it’s only with myself? Who would want to listen to that?

So I’m asking you — my readers, my followers, my would-be viewers, listeners, and subscribers — to help me out. If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you know my style. You understand my opinions, my concepts, and my critical appreciation of everything the Walt Disney World Resort was, is, and can be.

If you would like to be part of the Utilidork “team“ (for lack of a better term), contact me via email, Twitter, or Facebook messenger (I would include Tumblr messenger, but to be honest, I’ve never gotten any messages via Tumblr that weren’t spam, so I don’t fully trust it). Write something for the blog that fits the already existing content. Show me a sizzle reel of Disney park video that you would edit into a YouTube vlog based on one of my articles or tweet threads. Suggest discussion topics for potential podcast episodes. Send me unique photographs that would work well with the site. 

Anything you can think of that would improve and complement what I have already begun to build.
On my end, I plan on doing more for the site than ever before. I have invested in a MacBook Pro to replace my mostly stationary and impractical Mac mini, which will make spontaneous posting a lot easier than ever before. I have a day job now that comes with a surprising amount of free time. I will soon be able to write articles, edit audio, record video, and upload content from anywhere in the house or even when I’m out of it. I have learned to use Discord for interacting with friends and coworkers, so sharing ideas with each other would be easy. If I can get enough going for the site, I am also open to starting a Patreon, which of course, I would share any proceeds with anyone who helps out.

In any case, expect more productivity from me in the coming weeks/months, and if you have something to contribute, I will happily consider anything you have to offer to help Utilidork grow. Thank you for your patience, support, and thank you in advance for anything you have to offer.